Land Transportation

M3LOGI has attained the legal authority from the Japanese government to transport the cargo anywhere
within Japan

M3Logi aims to facilitate the customers for the transportation of their vehicles from various origins to their designed destination. We provide comprehensive amenities to carry the vehicles from auction to port, stock-yard to port, auction to auction or stock yard to stock-yard. Our firm determination to facilitate our customers in every possible way we offer online amenities of application, vehicle tracking and payments. To answer to any query we have 24/7 customer service so that our customers can get in touch with us at any time of their convenience.

Auction To Yard

M3Logi will assist you to transfer your vehicle from the auction houses in Japan to your desired stock-yard anywhere in the country. M3Logi also offers yard facilities for its customers to keep their vehicles safe and deliver them on the designated time. We take pride on the fact that we carry a track record of meeting the deadlines with safe and secure delivery of the vehicles.

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    Noda Yard

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    Nagoya Yard

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    Kobe Yard

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    Hakata Yard

Auction To Port

Being the most comprehensive land transport service provider, M3Logi also offers its services to transport vehicles bought from auto auctions to various ports of Japan. The offer is specifically for the buyers who require their vehicles bought from auctions to be transported to various ports. M3Logi aims to transport the vehicles with complete safety and on the designated time.

To Auction

We justify our claim of provide all inclusive transportation services M3Logi also offers to deliver the vehicles from one auction house to another auction house anywhere with in Japan.

To Yard

M3Logi is all about offering features that assist our customers on every level. We are also determined to take the vehicle from one stock-yard and deliver it to the desired stock-yard according to the customers’ demands.

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