SOC Containers

SOC Containers

We are a worldwide container trading company with a strong business focus in Europe, Middle East and China and 40 years of experience in the container industry.We manage 20', 40', 40'HC iso standard units, both dry and reefer, as well as special equipment such as Open Tops, Double Door, Open Side and Flat Racks. We also own two container depots in Japan for the management of dry and reefer units), one in Ibaraki of about 55.000Sqm and one in Nagoya of about 20.000Sqm. We are interested in providing the mentioned equipment for one ways FROM China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea To global ports in Asia, Europe, south/north America and Africa.

Benefits of SOC Container

⚡️Control of supply: You can source containers on your own, which is essential for locations where carriers are unable or unwilling to provide boxes or only offer them at very high rates.

⚡️Control of ownership: You can choose accurately which containers you need in which condition for which periods of time, including whether to buy or simply lease the container depending on the current need

⚡️Control of cost: You avoid unexpected demurrage and detention cost as you are not obligated to move and/or return the containers to and from the carrier within a certain time frame. You have to take loading times, customs cleareance, drayage, port congestion etc. into account when planning you shipment. Demurrage & Detention charges can quickly escalate to hundreds of dollars per day.

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